So if you have have got this far you are probably wondering who, or what, the heck is KORD?

Basically I’ve always been taken by the idea of a four letter, easy to remember company name and have never really been interested in trading under my own name or a version of that. I loved the way BERG came up with their name inspired by the classic sci-fi show Quartermass.

Once I got to thinking in that direction there was one obvious direction. My inspiration was going to come from DC Comics somehow and not long after I had settled on a name and an inspiration.

Ted Kord was the Blue Beetle and for a while back in the 1980s and early 1990s he was a character close to me heart. The character was often played for fun (pretty brilliantly at times) but also as an inventor and researcher amongst the best ‘in-universe’.

So there you have it – my geek credentials front and centre – my new company was inspired by a ‘B’ list superhero who is no longer even published 🙂